If you are interested in exploring a potential partnership with BCARIN, the process is straightforward. You can identify a specific partner or, you can tender your request and we will contact the member college or institute most appropriate for your project, needs, or focus.

Complete the Expression of Interest form (coming soon) and forward it electronically. This form should be filled out in enough detail to provide BCARIN with a basic understanding of your needs so that we can determine what expertise you require.

BCARIN staff will circulate your Expression of Interest to all BCARIN member colleges and institutes for review. During the review, colleges will determine if they have the appropriate expertise available to complete your project within the timelines you outline.

Within 2 weeks of receipt of your Expression of Interest, we will provide you with a list of BCARIN colleges and institutions who would be interested to speak with you further about your project. BCARIN staff will facilitate introductions with the colleges and/or institutions of your choice, and answer any questions you have during the selection process. Ultimately, the choice of a BCARIN partner is yours to make; the project is yours and you know the criteria for a good, productive, partnership.

Alternatively, if you are already familiar with a BCARIN college and/or institute, and would like to contact them directly, you may do so. There is no requirement that you go through BCARIN. However, going through the Expression of Interest process exposes your project to the comprehensive membership of BCARIN rather than limiting your exposure to a single college. No matter which contact method you choose, please complete the Expression of Interest form because the information gathered provides a great starting point for a conversation with BCARIN or its membership about your research needs. Moreover, in the event that your selected college and/or institute is not able to facilitate your project, they can forward your request to the BCARIN membership, who might be able to assist you.

Once a BCARIN partner has been selected, you will work directly with the college and/or institute administration, faculty and staff to develop a concrete partnership project proposal. This process involves defining the scope and deliverables of the project, identifying the benefits to the company and to the college, establishing timelines, as well as identifying and securing funding.